Choosing a College Roommate

Submitted by Lance Coleman on Thu, 08/07/2014 - 19:11

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A few tips on how to find a college roommate

You have picked your college, your major, and your student loans have been approved; you have been to [insert big name box store] countless times buying things you think you will need using the gift cards you got from people you may have forgotten about. Knowing who you are rooming with is the last thing on your mind, and after all, you are going to meet a nice person at orientation to room with, right?

Finding a roommate may be as easy as meeting someone you get along with at orientation, but living with someone you just met is a recipe for disaster. Knowing things like when they wake up, if they are generally a clean or messy person, their study/party habits, whether they smoke or drink, and their religious beliefs are major things to consider when selecting your roommate. If you could narrow all the people at orientation down to those who only have similar answers to these questions you would have a huge head start on finding a great roommate. has a great article that is more in-depth about what you should specifically look for in a roommate, and other general things to consider. The link below will take you to the article.

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Things to consider when choosing a college roommate