Find the best college roommate

Submitted by Lance Coleman on Tue, 07/29/2014 - 15:54


How to find a college roommate
Having a good college roommate can make your campus life a lot more fun. Be sure that before you head to school that you put as much time as you possibly can into finding and getting to know your future roommate. You will be better off in the long room if you can find the right person because you will wind up avoiding many potential conflicts that might make your semester miserable. Starting with a college roommate finder can really be helpful if you are goingpotluck. Sometimes you won’t know anyone before you hit campus and using a reputable online roommate finder as a source to help you meet other kids going to your school can really be helpful. If you do have friends heading to school with you and you choose to room with a friend then after you live with them every day for a semester you will know how strong your friendship really is. You will either be great friends still of you might lose a friend. Both happen quite often and you should put a lot of thought into maybe losing a good friend before you decide to move in with one, frequently rooming with a friend is a great idea and can work out. Whatever you choose, to do probably the worst thing you can do is nothing if you don’t have a roommate and are headed to school. The college will wind up matching you with someone that you will know nothing about, when that happens it almost always ends up with two people moving out of their dorm and finding another roommate at semester. I’ve heard story after story of students that let the college match them up and some of them don’t last a day our two. In fact three of my daughters who have let the college match them up a total of 4 times and in all four cases things went south fast. More and more kids are using online tools, especially those that are Facebook apps to help them find great kid and get to know them before they pack the car and head off to campus.