Finding college roommates using

Frequently asked questions on how to use to find a college roommate

What does it cost?

It is totally free for all students to register!!!

What if my school is not listed?

Just send us an email to and we will add your school and email you right back when it is added.

Will it work for all universities and colleges?

Absolutely Yes - If your prospective school for some reason is not listed just send us an email to and we will add it within 24 hours and let you know that we did!

What if I am attending a university that is not in the United States?

Even though the site is in English we allow all students worldwide to match with prospective roommates using our site.

How can I let my school know which roommate I have chosen?

After you have found a roommate using then just contact your school and let them know your roommate choice by their approved method. Usually the school will have a form they provide that needs to be filled out to indicate your choice of roommates.

What if I have no matches?

We will notify you of matches by email as they become available and then you can log back into to view your matches or you can log in anytime to find out if you have matches.

What is the flyaway spring break drawing?

The first 5000 users who are registered at will be entered into a drawing. There will only be one winner of the drawing. The winner will receive a single round-trip airfare to a destination of their choice (within the Continental US). The drawing suggests you use the airfare for a spring break trip.